Touch of gold

Pure craftsmanship, true beauty and Dutch historical tradition, harmoniously united into one. Touch of Gold is designer Sabine Struycken’s latest creation as part of the Royal Blue Collection, and was established in coproduction with artist Samuel Dejong. An obvious collaboration: not only do they share a passion for Delft blue patterns, the notions of eternity as well as transience play a crucial role in both their work. The ceramic apple, that Sabine Struycken uses to symbolize infinity, carries a unique Delft blue tulip pattern, hand painted by Royal Delft, de Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles – the last remaining earthenware manufacturer from the 17th century in the Dutch town of Delft. Samuel Dejong decorated the apple with a few of his characteristic golden insect sculptures, that embody both the fragility and the indestructability of our ecosystem.

About Samuel Dejong

With his 24-karat gold-plated mini-sculptures, Samuel Dejong challenges us to witness the beauty of the foundation of our ecosystem: insects. No other creatures are as elegant and fragile yet strong and indestructible, he says. With the upmost modern techniques, he replicates the insects’ anatomy, producing copies virtually indistinguishable from the original. One might say they even surpass the original’s beauty, because Samuel Dejong places the insects in an entirely new context. His work was previously shown at the Singer Museum in Laren, Gallery Caroline Freymond in Gstaad and Galerie Tertius in Amsterdam.