This exceptional object works very well as a business gift. Whether you buy one or fifteen; the service is always excellent. That is not all. Are you interested in reading more?

The Royal Blue Collection is ready to customise the apple according to your particular wishes. The perfect translation of traditional Delftware into a contemporary ceramic object.

The Royal Blue Collection is a collection of various sizes of apples, exclusively designed for InsideOut Luxury. Each of the apples is a unique art object uniting traditional Delftware and contemporary art.

Every single object has a rich history and represents traditional Dutch handwork, realised by the Porceleyne Fles.

This is what makes the object a Royal Gift of Art.

The variation in style and decoration, designed by the master painter of Royal Delft, makes the apple a wonderfully, elegant company gift representing your company with dignity.

A custom made apple can be delivered in several dimensions and varieties, both hand painted as well as produced in larger numbers .

Your company’s wishes can be elegantly translated into a custom- made decoration.

Would you like to have more information about the dimensions, the options, and the prices?

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