Hand Painted


Each hand painted ceramic apple of the Royal Blue Collection is a unique art work with a rich symbolism. The combination of the ceramic sculptures and the artistic decoration by Royal Delft creates a special connection. Recognisable Dutch Delftware with a modern design.

You can buy a hand painted object as an art work of 35 centimetres. This object looks magnificent on a low cabinet or in a wonderful showcase. A true eye catcher in your home.

Slightly larger but just as refined is the apple of the Royal Blue Collection with a diameter of 43 centimetres. The cool curves of this exclusive object fit the palm of your hand. A wonderful piece of art which deserves a prominent place in your home or office.

Royal Blue Collection is proud of the bigger 85 centimetres apple. At the same time sturdy and elegant this porcelain fruit takes its rightful place. Modest and yet prominently visible, just like the apple itself.

Being tactile, you will run your fingertips along the porcelain curves over and over again.

A personalised packaging completes the gift.