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Royal Blue Collection is passionate about the art of handmade ceramics. The objects are the result of the dedicated craftsmanship of the excellent potters.

The collection is very special.

Royal Blue Collection has chosen to remain loyal to the Royal Porceleyne Fles, founded in 1653 and the only remaining earthenware factory from the 17th century in Delft representing centuries of tradition, while focussing on the future.

As a result, the Royal Blue Collection contributes to the preservation of this special hand painting craft.

The Royal Blue Collection also stands for corporate responsibility. We consider it our duty to enhance young people’s educational opportunities.

That is why the Royal Blue Collection supports The Netherland-America foundation.

The Netherland-America foundation has the following mission:

Building on the enduring heritage and values shared between the peoples of the Netherlands and the United States, the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF) seeks to further strengthen the bonds between our two countries through exchange in the arts, sciences, education, business and public affairs.

Due to this clear mission the Royal Blue Collection choose to support this engaging non-profit foundation. Young people get the chance to study internationally by means of an exchange between students of Dutch and US universities. Please, have a look at

Royal Blue Collection.

A unique wedding gift. A baby shower gift with a symbolic value. A striking art object to put on display. A work of art to surprise your partner.